Wynwood Brewing Company Announces Expansion, More Brews

Fans of Miami beer will have more reason to celebrate as Wynwood Brewing Company gears up for an expansion of its nearly brand-new facilities.

The expansion of Miami's first production microbrewery should be completed by April 2014, effectively tripling its production capabilities to nearly 7,000 gallons of beer at a time.

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WBC founder Luis G. Brignoni says the expansion is needed mainly because of the warm reception of his family's beers. "We are very excited and honored that our craft beers have been so eagerly accepted by local South Florida beer lovers as well as the rest of Florida."

It seems the fledgling company has already outgrown its 15-barrel, two-vessel brewhouse system. Each barrel holds about 31 gallons of liquid gold. The expansion will include increasing the fermenting vessels, conditioning tanks, and filtration system. A new refrigerator was also built. Equipment should arrive by the end of the month.

The expansion will affect beer drinkers -- and the community -- in a positive way. With it comes the need for more employees and the ability to produce more beer.

Wynwood Brewing Company is planning to introduce two more year-round brews, along with additional seasonal offerings. Expansion also means the ability to increase distribution and ensure the adjoining taproom is never dry.

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