Wrap Up: Miami's Hottest Mixologists Shake Things Up at Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans

Hardcore partiers and upscale drinkers- did you notice your favorite mixologists missing in action this past week?

Were they kidnapped by aliens or even worse, migrate to other cities? No and no. Dont worry, we've got your answer!

Miami's top mixologists hit up took over the city of New Orleans for Tales of the Cocktail last week. In its fifth year, the five-day festival is the largest gathering of the nation's top mixologists and a "who's who" of of the cocktail world, from liquor brands to distributors, media, and of course, mixologists all of kinds. And while it was more fun than professional, it was not all about the debauchery. Well, kind of.

Tales' (as it's referred to) main mission is to celebrate everything that is the world of mixology and for its prosperous continuation. The event is separated into three main categories: tasting rooms (Flor de Cana, Oxley Gin, Absolut), events (Beefeater Welcome Reception, USBG/Bacardi Piña Colada Competition, Firefly Vodka Poolside Party), seminars (6 Rums You'll Probably Never Taste Again, The Emperor's New Bitters, From Grain to Bottle). With more than 100 happenings, it was a crazy week.

In just a couple of years, Miami has upped the ante cocktail-wise and

thanks to greats like Joshua Wagner and John Lermayer, Miami is now

considered one of the top players in the mixology world and even revered by many up-and-coming cities like Jacksonville and Tampa. From the Bar Lab

boys' guerrilla marketing T-shirts to mixologists taking up every

corner of Bombay Sapphire's 250th Anniversary Party at the House of

Blues and interviews with the famous Chef and The Fatman radio show people took notice of Miami this year, meaning more visitors to our city and even better mixology.

Miami mixologists seen at Tales of the Cocktail:

  • Camille Austin
  • Michael Parrish
  • Elad Zvi
  • Gabriel Orta
  • John Lermayer
  • Tommy Merolla
  • Gabe Urrutia

  • Paul Sevigny
  • Scott David Mayer

  • Ezra Pattek

  • Ryan Goodspeed

Tasting notes. The following was the general consensus for the group: "Great event for having fun, meeting people, seeing old friends, learning, and continuing relationships." All Miami mixologists in attendance are Tales Veterans, but they can't wait until next year. And so, the countdown for Tales of the Cocktail 2012 is already underway.

Other locals seen around New Orleans included the Burrs (Miami's top rum

experts), Maile Rodriguez of Tara Ink, and the girls from Treskoi PR,

Dejha Carrington and Kelly Vavra.

Thankfully, Miami's residents have access to these greats all year round. You can find them all shaking things up at the city's hottest bars and clubs, i.e. Living Room Bar, Hakkassan, The Florida Room.

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