Would You Like Pakora with That? Fast Food Outsourcing Orders.

offshore-outsourcing-to-india-1.jpgJack in the Box is apparently testing a program to outsource their drive-through orders, routing requests for burgers and shakes to call-takers outside the country. The program is getting its first test run in Charlotte, North Carolina, where folks innocently pulling up to the order box are being taken for a ride. Let's face it, it's hard enough to get an order from a drive-though that hasn't been totally screwed up, even if you're talking to somebody 10 feet away who's spent the last 16 years speaking some approximation of English. And if my last go-round with a Sprint customer serviceperson in New Delhi is any indication of the kind of accuracy you can expect, I'd say you have about a 25 percent chance of receiving anything you remotely recognize as food (and thanks for asking, it's been six months, and I STILL haven't received my "rebate"). Let's close our eyes and try to imagine the exchange:

Me: I'll have the chicken fajita pita on whole grain, no salsa, an order of cheesy macaroni bites, the stuffed jalepenos, and a large oreo ice cream shake, hold the oreos.

Outsourced call taker (clearly reading from script): Thank you for calling today Ma'am. I hope you are having a very good day. Jack in the Box is having many delicious options to choose from. May I take your order?

Me: Um, well, I'll have the chicken fajita pita on whole grain, no salsa, an order of cheesy macaroni bites...

OCT: Today is your lucky day, Ma'am. We are running a special today, one day only, on the Junebug Bracing Cheeblammer Shilala Brooger for only two dollars. May I put you down for one of those today ma'am?


OCT: Today is your lucky day, ma'am....

Me: That's OK, I'd rather have the chicken fajita pita on whole...

OCT: I'm sorry? Could you repeat that?

Me: One chicken fajita pita...

OCT: And the Junebug Brooding Blubber comes with a very important rebate offer of $100 today only. You can go in line today to our web site to apply for your rebate, Ma'am, and within seventy weeks you can receive a check, which will bring your total cost for the Junebug Burfing Blogger to simply negative $98 dollars today Ma'am. May I take your order?

Me: No thanks, just the fajita pita....

OCM: Sorry, could you repeat?

Me: What?

OCM: Thank you ma'am. I am placing your order for the Junebug Bursting Bladder. As I have said, you may go in line today to apply for your rebate. May I ask you now ma'am, were you satisfied with the service you are receiving today Ma'am? 

Me: About that fajita?

OCM: Thank you for calling Jack in the Box, Ma'am. Please have a very good day.

And in other news, New Times is outsourcing its food reviews. Read about it here.

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