Would Brother Jimmy's BBQ Really Ban NFL Commish Roger Goodell?

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Brother Jimmy's BBQ just opened in Mary Brickell Village and tongues are wagging. Yes, people are talking about the brisket and the oversized drinks served in fishbowls...but they're also talking about a sign posted right on the front door -- a picture of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell with the words "Do Not Serve This Man".

The sign was tweeted by some diners and caught the attention of USA Today, who explained that the New Orleans Saints linebacker, Jonathan Vilma is a partner in the restaurant, along with fellow University of Miami alums Broncos linebacker D.J. Williams, Panthers linebacker Jon Beason, along with Brother Jimmy's founder, Jim Goldman.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell suspended Vilma and three other current and former Saints players for their alleged participation in a bounty program, in which several team members paid out bonuses for in-game performance.

So, the question remains... if Goodell walked through the doors of the restaurant, would he be allowed to enjoy some blackened catfish and a beer?

According to partner Jim Goldman: Absolutely!

"The picture is up. We feel for Jon Vilma, our partner, and support him. The artwork is sarcastic humor that is on display around New Orleans where Jon plays for the New Orleans Saints. A bit tongue and cheek. Of course we'd serve the commissioner if he visited for our awesome barbeque, and we'd give him the same warm service we give all our patrons," Goldman told Short Order.

Maybe Vilma and Goodell could work things out over a heaping plate of ribs? Anything's possible.

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