Worst Customer Ever Calls Waitress "Lying Bitch" On Christmas Eve

As part of Short Order's continued efforts to expose the less glamorous realities of restaurant work, we've been asking workers about their lives. Here, Mary Edwards (fake name) from "some restaurant in Miami" (to protect the identities of the innocent) gave us this story about a particularly bad customer:

"Christmas Eve we ran out of lobster for the lobster salad. Someone went out to another restaurant and borrowed some from the chef over there, we do that sometimes in emergencies.

So the lobster gets back and they make a whole bunch more lobster salads in the kitchen and I take em and start giving them out in the dining room. Well I see this one particular individual is already on dessert, so obviously I'm not going to walk up and give them a lobster salad. So they see me from across the restaurant, and they were drunk, like really drunk, and so this person comes up to me and in the festive Christmas Eve atmosphere they call me a bitch. So I explain what the situation was and why things happened the way they did, and I'm being really courteous and then they tell me I'm not only a bitch, but I'm a lying bitch. Keep in mind we're right by the front where all the customers are walking in. So this screaming, drunken man is yelling obscenities at me and I ended up having to comp a bunch of things on their table just to shut him up."

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.