World Resource Café Presents the Perfect Couple

World Resource Café has created  the "Perfect Couple," a two-for-$14 happy hour drink-and-food special available daily from 5 to 9 p.m. until February 14. Guests can choose from three dishes prepared by new executive chef Armando Litatco, and for the magical $14 price, each plate gets coupled with just the right cocktail. For instance: Oysters prepared three ways (baked, fried, raw) with a blueberry crush (champagne with blueberry-infused shochu). Or tuna tataki with ponzu gelée with Fred and Ginger (ginger-infused shochu with lemon and soda). Or the "Fire and Desire," a match of stone crab and vegetable tempura and a jalapeño-and-shochu infused bloody mary. (Hey, that's what I made myself for breakfast this morning! Oh no, wait, that was a dream. I had Grape Nuts.) 

World Resource Café, for those unfamiliar, is owned and managed by Yoko

Takarada, son of Toni Takarada of Toni's Sushi (on Washington Avenue in

South Beach since 1987). The Lincoln Road landmark serves Thai and

Japanese fare, including fine sushi prepared by chef Shin. This $14

deal is a means of introducing diners to Armando's new menu. Take

advantage -- stone crabs and a cocktail for $14 really can't be beat.

World Resource Café
719 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach; 305-535-8987.

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