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World of Beer Midtown Has Limited Release Iron Throne Ale For Sunday's Game of Thrones Finale

If you're anything like the rest of us, last week's Game of Thrones Red Wedding episode left a gaping whole in your heart so painful it can only be filled with booze. So it's only fitting you'd watch this week's season finale with a brew or two in hand.

For the epic show's send-off Sunday, World of Beer Midtown will be featuring Ommegang's highly-lauded tribute beer, Iron Throne, along with several other of the popular brewery's concoctions So you can be nicely liquored up before you face what's sure to be an emotional hour.

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"We'll be featuring that and four or five beers from Ommegang on draft all day Sunday," says the spot's general manager Desy Binner.

Specifically, attendees can score Ommegang's Seduction, Biere de Hougmont, Rare Vos, Rustica, Art of Darkness and of course, the limited release Iron Throne. The brews run $5 to $9 a pop.

Iron Throne ain't easy to find, so this is an afternoon event you'll want to take advantage of.

For those who are unfamiliar, the Cooperstown, New York, Ommegang folks are known for their Belgian style ales. The tribute beer has been released in limited quantities, so it's a hot commodity.

"Well have glassware giveaways and basically a party leading up to the season finale," Binner adds.

Sunday Funday for sure. WOB's doors open at noon on Sunday. Be there or be sober.

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