World Cup Chow: Croquettes at S Sports Bar and Grill

It's World Cup time so much of Miami will be spending the next few weeks -- even in the morning -- watching soccer in taverns. One of our favorites: S Sports Bar and Grill way out west, which is offering traditional Latin dishes along with the normal sports bar offerings.

The Grandma's Style Croquettes with pink sauce, $6, initially drew me in. This is mostly because I've had my fair share of the breaded, potato and ham treats -- but they normally come from Cuban bakeries or bundled on trays served buffet style at Latin BBQs. The menu at S, which is lined with huge flat screens, includes a Cuban sandwich, black beans with rice, escargot, oysters, wings and a variety of pastas and steaks. That's what I call "eclectico."

Though the service was a bit slow and I could barely hear myself

think, let alone talk to someone else (as can be expected on a night

when there's an NBA final game on TV), those croquettes were delicious,

and left the plate fast. The waitress advised me that

they really were "homemade," which was an added bonus and instant relief, as I'm not a

huge fan of restaurants that fry then reheat frozen boxed meals.

The pink sauce that decorates the plate's side tastes somewhat

like a Ketchup/Mayo combination -- and the flavor's simple enough to not take away from the greasy ham goodness and instant nostalgia these

little noshes offer.

S Sports Bar and Grill

11995 SW 26 St., Miami


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