Brian Mullins with Wise's Mackin' Cheese potato chips.
Brian Mullins with Wise's Mackin' Cheese potato chips.
Photo by Laine Doss

Wise and Ms. Cheezious Collab on a New Potato Chip

It's always an honor to have something named after you. Usually the distinction falls to local politicians and heroes, who have everything from streets to schools named for them.

Of course, the food realm also has its honors — mostly in the form of sandwiches. Take, for example, Blue Collar's Corben, named after Miami film director Billy Corben.

Now Ms. Cheezious is about to gain national greatness with its own potato chip flavor.

Potato chip maker Wise will release its Mackin' Cheese flavor Memorial Day as part of its Food Truck Favorites limited-edition line of chips. Each bag will prominently bear the Ms. Cheezious logo, taking the brand to a new level.

Ms. Cheezious cofounders Brian and Fatima Mullins helped choose the exact flavor profile for the chip. Says Fatima: "Wise wanted to do a flavor based on our mac 'n' cheese grilled cheese." The snack company sent various samples, with the winning chip the overall favorite. The result is buttery and cheesy — a pretty good approximation of a grilled cheese sandwich. The only thing missing: that amazing oozy cheese filling.

Brian Mullins says that when Wise reached out with the idea, he and Fatima were more than happy to work with the New York-based chip company. "They only choose one or two trucks a year, and we said we would love to be a part of the nationwide campaign."

The chips will be released nationwide, including Miami, just before Memorial Day. A large bag retails for $4.29.

Ms. Cheezious. 7418 Biscayne Blvd., Miami; 305-989-4019; mscheezious.com.

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