William Shatner: Captain Kirk Fried By a Turkey (Video)

Damn it, I'm an actor, not a fryer!

The awesome William Shatner is still Captain Kirk and even Priceline commercials cannot alter his greatness.

In his most amazing role in decades, Shatner recreates the joy and dangers of turkey frying as a cautionary tale for State Farm insurance.

In this film, entitled Eat, Fry, Love, Shatner tells of the time when he nearly burned down his house after getting too cavalier with his turkey fryer.

Watch the awesomeness of Shatner in his greatest role of Bill, the Fry Guy after the jump.

Here's an example of an actual turkey fryer fire:

Like all tales of love, loss and redemption, Shatner gets burned, "I loved you, but you only brought me pain", he tells the fryer that broke his heart. "That fryer took so much from me -- mostly arm hair and skin".

The video also gives us some sage advice when it comes to frying a turkey:

1. Avoid oil spillover - don't overfill the pot.
2. Turn off flame when lowering the turkey into the oil.
3. Fry outside and away from the house.
4. Properly thaw the turkey.
5. Keep a grease fire approved extinguisher close.

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