Will Cook for Sex and Other Cookbooks to Buy for Dad on Father's Day

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Dad will thank you for this.
Father's Day is Sunday and with it comes the usual array of stunningly bad gifts. We only assume that dad receives such terrible item as ties, cheap cologne and Izod polos because he never complains about them.

Men like to eat and sometimes that means fending for themselves. Show dad that you care by presenting him with one of these timeless cookbooks. No, we're not talking about Thomas Keller or Julia Child, we're talking about food that he's actually capable of making. And eating.




5. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Cooking for Guys by Tod Dimmick With chapters like "Eggs", "Mexican", "Leftovers", and Campground", you know you're reading a cook book for guys by a guy. In easy terms that a man can actually understand (that means no French words).



4. Will Cook for Sex: A Guy's Guide to Cooking by Rocky Fino As much as you hate the visual, your dad has sex (maybe more than you do). Whether dad is still married to mom, or he's back on the market, this book includes handy tips and recipes for both getting lucky and the morning after. Handy hint: Being cute with "beer and pizza only works if you're Ben Affleck".



3. A Man's Whirled: Every Guy's Guide to Cooking With a Blender by Chris Peterson Even if your dad's not a juicehead (the fruit and vegetable kind, not the Jersey Shore steroid kind), he needs to know his way around a blender. It's the ultimate power tool for the kitchen. An appliance so awesome it can make both salsa and Margaritas. This book shares the inner secrets of blending, like when shopping for the appliance "don't be seduced by stainless steel canisters".





2. A Man, A Can, A Microwave: 50 Tasty Meals You Can Nuke in No Time by David Joachim and The Editors of MensHealth What can we say about this book other than it actually shows you how to make Teriyaki Beef using London Broil, a can of Ginger Ale and frozen brocolli. Classic.




1. Eat What You Want And Die Like a Man: The World's Unhealthiest Cookbook by Steve Graham might just be the only porn you can give dad without your mother freaking out. In this book (which tells the real story of what happened to Adam's first wife, Petunia), Dad will be able to learn how to make a Turducken, roast a Stuffed Hog with Apricot Glaze and twice-fry potatoes in beef fat. Make room for dessert with recipes for Ice Cream Lasagna and Blueberry Butter Cheesecake.  

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