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Why Wynwood Is Miami's Best Dining Neighborhood

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Beer and food go hand in hand, and this neighborhood is beer geek central, from the Brignonis of Wynwood Brewing Company (Miami's first production microbrewery) to the guys at Wood and Kush. Kush, whose motto is "Cheap beer ain't good. Good beer ain't cheap," is always tapping rare kegs or rebelling against mass-produced swill that pretends to be beer. Like this past Wednesday, when they outfitted the restaurant's front sidewalk with a working toilet to flush away cheap macrobeer. Wynwood is a beer snob, rebel, and activist.

Free tacos

Need I say more? Wood Tavern's Taco Tuesday gets you free tacos from Pancho Tacos during a three-hour window (5 to 8 p.m.) and just a dollar after that. Choose from carnitas, chicken, or mushroom. Perhaps I should clarify: The carnitas come from Andres Tovar -- owner of Viva Mexico.

3:05 cafecito and coffee

These two polar opposites are alike in so many ways. Local roaster Panther Coffee is run by the lovely and in-love Joel and Leticia Pollock, who have given Miami the gift of great java. Then there's Enriqueta's ventanita, which happens to be the headquarters for 3:05 cafecito -- Miami's official cafecito time. Take your pick.

Delivery options

We all know that putting on clothes and leaving our caves can be such a pain sometimes. That's why there's delivery. And midtown/Wynwood/Edgewater residents get the best of both worlds. Not only can you have pabellon empanadas from La Latina, ceviche from Sabor a Peru, and mofongo from Jimmy'z Kitchen delivered while you watch Game of Thrones, but you can also cross the Design District border and have Lemoni brought to your humble abode.

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