Who's Your Daddy? It's A Foodie Father's Day Round-Up!

Gentlemen, you may be tempted to beg or borrow, but paleeeease don't steal children just to get these sa-weet Father's Day deals.  Ladies who know these gentlemen, don't say I didn't warn you...

If Daddy is an early riser... MixMyGranola
Support local granolahead entrepreneurs Andreas, Matt and Raoul, and get your crunchy daddy some Father's Day Granola!  The custom mix includes fruity dried apricots, golden raisins, almonds and brazil nuts, plus some chocolate mini morsels to nourish Daddy's sweet tooth ($8.99 for 16 oz.) You can order online here or send an electronic gift certificate ($10 value,) so he can mix to his own taste.  With new "enhancers," add shots of caffeine for sleepiness, pomegranate for detox or vita cherry for a vitamin boost.  The first one is on the house with promotion code "ENHANCERS."

If Daddy is a cheapskate... Maya Tapas & Grill
Free 14 oz. skirt steaks, including mashed potatoes, blue cheese croutons and chimichurri sauce, to Dad's who

bring their family in on Father's Day. If Daddy has a sweet tooth... Peterbrooke Chocolatier
Visit Peterbrooke Chocolatier for super cute special "dad-themed" chocolates including tennis rackets, golf balls, golf bags, ties and even a huge chocolate golf bag. (305) 446-3131; 227 Aragon Avenue, Coral Gables
If Daddy's picky... Downtown Coral Gables gift certificates
From the folks at the Business Improvement District of Coral Gables, these GC's can used at more than 80 different businesses in the area, including foodie-friendly faves like Books & Books, Cacao Restaurant and Wolfe's Wine Shoppe.

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Jackie Sayet