Whole Foods Market Speed Dating: Free Cheese in so Many Ways (VIDEO)
Jess Swanson

Whole Foods Market Speed Dating: Free Cheese in so Many Ways (VIDEO)

South Florida singles met up at Whole Foods Market Monday and Tuesday night to find more than organic produce.

At the Express Lane Love events, like-minded Whole Foods shoppers were looking to check out of the specialty grocery store with a wholesome partner in addition to the usual large brown paper bag filled with sustainable seafood and cage-free eggs.

This reporter ventured out with Jess Swanson, who writes for sister blog Clean Plate Charlie. We wanted to see for ourselves what the supemarket dating scene is like, and New Times videographer Kate Maier was behind the camera.

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Monday night more than 30 people ages 36 and above showed up, but the enrollment for Wednesday's 18-25 crowd wasn't high enough. That meant Tuesday would be speed dating for 18- to 35-year-olds. This could get ugly. Jess downed a POM drink in preparation, and I may have purchased a raspberry preserve-filled almond cookie to calm my nerves. But we'll spare you the rest of the juicy awkward details and let you watch the video yourself.

Video by Kate Maier

We're proud to report that we met some interesting people -- one proud Short Order reader among the group. And I didn't leave empty-handed either. While we couldn't quite find any fellow foodies our age, the free cheese selection and wine glass to take home were definite perks. Plus I got a few restaurant recommendations: The Rusty Pelican, which I somehow still haven't been to, and Atrio at the Conrad, where you purportedly need to sit at Table 51.

Some optimistic participants said they may be returning as soon as Thursday evening for Mingling at the Market, a free event from 6 to 9 p.m. with music, wine tastings, appetizers, and friendly Whole Foods patrons. (First 50 attendees receive a Whole Foods Market wine glass.) Meanwhile, the next speed dating series will take place the week of July 22, with dates to be announced by the store on Friday. You can stay up-to-date on their upcoming events with Whole Foods Market Pinecrest's events calendar.

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