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Whole Foods Coral Gables, January Events

Ah, the supermarket, that great bastion of packaged foods and conditioned air, perfect lines of consumer bliss, and walk-by coupon dopamine hits.

Whole Foods has shopping down to a science, and the key is interactive marketing.

Welcome to 2010. Here are some events you might enjoy checking out in January at the Whole Foods Market Coral Gables (6701 Red Rd.).

Saturday, January 16 - Address the Mess - Trade in your old electronics for South Beach Comedy Festival tix and Whole Foods and Staples gift cards. Click here for more info.

Saturday, January 16 - 10 a.m. - Lifestyle Center - Holistic Moms of Miami - The month's topic: Grass is good. Explore grass-fed beef, pasteurized unprocessed milk, and pastured eggs.  Learn nutritional and humane examples. Visit for more info.

Tuesday, January 26 - 7 p.m. - Lifestyle Center - Cooking With Greens - Class devoted entirely to cooking nutrient-dense greens. Sounds exciting. Menu includes a baked kale dish and winter coup. Space is limited. Pre-register at customer service or call 305-421-9421.

Wednesday, January 27
 - 7 p.m. - Beer Dinner featuring Chef Sean Bernal of the Oceanaire Seafood Room - First installment of Beer Dinner series. A three-course meal paired with beers from breweries including Rogue and Sierra Nevada. Arrive to an appetizer course, and then Chef Sean will create the next two courses in front of you. Ask questions and learn about the beers from Whole Foods' resident beer expert. Space is very limited. Pre-register at customer service or call 305-421-9421.

Please note:  All guests will be contacted two days in advance to confirm.

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