Which Restaurateur Has the Biggest Balls in Fort Lauderdale?

Who said this?

"I was the first one ever showed movies in a restaurant - we played The Godfather at my father's restaurant, Anton's, and this was back when you had to rent those big VCRs - I went and got the machine, I set it up in the bar, I plugged in the tape. Nobody but nobody was showing movies in restaurants; we did it one time, and it was a big success."

And this?

"In this business you're a target. In my life, I can't go to the store and not have on clean sneakers, or not have my hair cut, or a tan, or a clean shirt. You and I couldn't go right now and have a sandwich for lunch, because I have to watch every bite I put in my mouth - obesity runs in my family. My father's mother was a big woman; she had to sit on two beach chairs. I eat macaroni; I blow up like a balloon. "

And this?

"I'm not educated. I don't even know how to spell the word 'education.' I grew up in South Philly, my first word was 'fuck.' I'm no chef, and I never had any training. I just love to cook."

To find out, click here.

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