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Where Food Meets Art During Art Basel

In what sounds like a modern version of a salon, 35 guests will join an artist and a chef at a private penthouse near Miami's Design District to dine, talk art and rub elbows during Art Basel. The occasion: "The Art of Gourmet," a dining and art event of three dinners and a brunch kicking off December 3.

"The concept came out of our desire to create a new underground and spotlight some of the more creative elements in Miami," said Jason Inasi, founder of the group behind the event, Penthouse2 (PH2), and creative director for The Factory Interactive.

"Combining gourmet chefs with great artists, known and emerging, is a unique way to present the concept of Miami art and the Miami gourmet dining scene."

In what Inasi expects to be the first of other PH2 underground dining events, those who get a seat for one of the dinners will be treated to a seven-course meal in the company of the night's artist. One such artist is Stephen Gamson, whose art will be featured at Scope Art Fair and Art Miami.

"It'll be a unique experience to sit down and have dinner with him, and hear the philosophy behind his art," said Inasi.

Gamson will be teamed up with chefs Kurtis Jantz and Chad Galiano

of Neomi's on Friday night. The chef duo will showcase their culinary

artistry with a dinner reviving the chef's table Paradigm dinners they

held at Neomi's.

Guests may upgrade any of the dinners to include a one-hour

collector's pre-dinner reception, where they will receive a limited

edition piece created by the night's artist.

Chef Alberto Cabrera, former executive chef at Karu & Y, and painter and sculptor Alejandro Mendoza will pay homage to Miami on Saturday in a night complete with cigar rollers and Mojitos titled "Eat Me Miami."

And opening and closing the four-day convergence of food and

art will be chef Jeremiah Bullfrog, personal chef to Rick Ross and

founder of GastroPOD Miami. Local artists Kiki Valdes and Claudio Picasso will join him for a closing Sunday brunch more casual than the previous three nights' dinners.

Seating for each dinner is limited to 35, so start working

those contacts. You may need them if what you want is to guarantee a

seat at one of these soirees.

Visit for updates and ticket information.

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