​On Friday, we stopped by Louie's All American Hot Dog Cart Showroom for the Hot Dog King's fifth annual hot dog eating contest

Weiner Eats Seven Hot Dogs, Takes Home $200

Unfortunately, Louie DiRaimondo was not in his regal garb, and the 15 to 20 person turnout was lower than expected, but that didn't stop seven eager eaters from stuffing their faces.

The contestants gathered around a round table covered by a stack of ten of the king's own Kosher hot dogs. Cheered on by two of DiRaimondo's Hot Dog Hotties (who were a little less than enthusiastic), no one was able to clear the plate.

In the end, contestant number one, Steve Sloane, came out victorious, consuming six dogs (sans condiments) in five minutes. DiRaimondo presented him with a cardboard check for $200, while each of the hotties handed over a $100 bill.

Sloane's strategy was all about getting in the zone. "It's a mind game, you know, eating hot dogs like this. You get in that mind set, you get in that groove, and you can't be defeated."

As for going to Coney Island one day? "I don't know if those guys are up to my skill set," Sloane joked.

Who knows, maybe Joey Chestnut will have an off year. Here's some hot dog eating eye candy, if you go for that kind of thing.

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