Week's Top Food-Related Headlines

Mystery as man vanishes on tour of Michelin restaurants


Man vanishes into thin air after dining at El Bulli! Weirdest story ever. Maybe Adria's kitchen had him vaporized?

FDA recalls green beans on botulism concern


The Food and Drug Administration is warning consumers not to eat French-cut green beans in 14.5-ounce cans made by Lakeside Foods, Inc. The cans were improperly processed, resulting in a chance for botulism to take hold.

Lakeside Foods made green beans for numerous brand names.

Potentially tainted brands:

Albertson's Happy Harvest Best Choice Food Club Bogopa Valu Time Hill Country Fare HEB Laura Lynn Kroger No Name North Pride Shop N Save Shoppers Valu Schnucks Cub Foods Dierbergs Flavorite IGA Best Choice Thrifty Maid.

Yet another reason to grow your own beans

Analysts blame easy credit for restaurant woes

The Associated Press

A real threat: Terrorists tampering with food

Abilene Reporter

Yet another reason to grow your own tomatoes

Online, a Community Gathers to Concoct A Neighborhood Eatery

Washington Post

Coolest way to fund a restaurant

Soy products linked to low sperm count

The Age

Yet another reason to avoid tofu

Soya not the cause of low sperm counts


Oops, go ahead and order that soy latte

the debate continues here

Topless Fishing Charter Coming to West Palm Beach


Yet another reason to love sport fishing

FTC: Kids target of $1.6 billion in food ads


Mississippi rated most obese state

Natchez Democrat

Yet another reason not to live in Mississippi

Florida tomato growers set to testify for compensation

Palm Beach Post

Aaron McCargo Jr. Wins 'Next Food Network Star'


Yet another reason to pelt home-grown tomatoes at your TV

Chilly Jilly is perfect for use in overly air conditioned restaurants


Best invention of the year. Why the hell are restaurants always so cold??!!

-- Gail Shepherd

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