Week's Top Food-Related Headlines

DINING | What McCain and Obama's favorite restaurants say about the candidates

Chicago Sun Times

"We believe that a candidate's taste in food is a more reliable indicator of character than the carefully strained statements issued in this atmosphere of gotcha and gotcha back."

KFC's "Vegetarian Sandwich" Isn't, Stop Kidding Yourself That Fast Food Restaurants Have Vegetarian Options

The Consumerist

"In an effort to appease PETA and other angry vegetarians, KFC recently began selling a vegan, "Unchicken" sandwich in its Canadian locations. Guess what? It's not vegetarian."

Officials: Avoid eating raw jalepeno peppers

The Associated Press

Tuesday July 22, 2008, 6:52 AM

WASHINGTON -- Federal officials investigating a three-month-old salmonella outbreak have isolated the bacteria in a jalapeno pepper from a small distribution facility in McAllen, Texas, and Monday warned consumers nationwide to avoid eating raw jalapenos or products that contain them until more is known.

Man Says He Found Knife in NYC Subway


Associated Press

$40,000 award over tainted meal

Associated Press

A police officer and his family have won $40,000 in their lawsuit against a restaurant that had served them food tainted by an employee's spit and urine.

Florida deal may sound death knell for Big Sugar


Immigration Raids Ohio Restaurants, Arrests 58


East Africa Faces `Catastrophe' as Food Prices Rise, Oxfam Says

Bloomberg - USA

By Ryan Flinn July 24 -- East Africa is in urgent need of humanitarian assistance as droughts, violence and rising food prices wrack the region

Athletes Fear Chinese Food Will Spoil Olympic Run

ABC News

Local [Palm Beach]

Alice's Restaurant nears OK to cook where it wants

Palm Beach Post

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