Weekly Wrap Up: The Friday Que Bola Asere

Wasup. Que bola. Que tal. Que onda. Wat they do. Sak pase. Sak ap fet. Comment allez vous. Konichiwa. Another week, another weekend. When will all the weeks end and leave us just the weekends? Thanks to the great American time conspiracy, probably never. Here's what you might have missed the past 4 dias, click links for the original posts. Hay te watcho.

  • Jamaican Me Hungry parts 2 and part 3 shoots its way through that country's culinary landscape.
  • Readers poll: What restaurant would you like to see open at Miami International Airport?
  • Top Ten restaurant violators on false advertising seafood in Dade so far this year.
  • Five new restaurants, five new menus, check the highlights.
  • World famous shirt maker Arnold Zimberg used to own a bar at Bayside.
  • Wanna trade your Snickers for a soy oat cluster with whey ginseng and acai?
  • Readers poll: What's the manliest restaurant in Miami?
  • The Critic just can't bring himself to see Julie and Julia and write down what he thinks of it.
  • September 13 from 2 - 7 p.m. Crazy Pianos donates 20% of all food and drink sales to Shake-A-Leg Foundation.
  • The Critic hates on the parking situation at Casale. Tell him what YOU think.

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