Weekly Wrap Up - The Friday Budget Crash

Sorry we're late, we stayed at the budget hearing til 5 in the morning and then accidentally crashed out til' just now. Our first foray into the political sphere has so far taught us that the food at Government Center is pretty good, try the Guava and Cheese triangles at Bottega Express, and that public meetings are cool because even if they don't want you there, you're still allowed to go. Here's what you might have missed from us over the last week.

  • Lee Klein goes Hulk and make bloggers mad. [click]
  • Check out The Filling Station, downtown Miami's automotive themed hole in the wall burger joint. [click]
  • Norman Van Aken says "The Latin-Caribbean base that was the original Norman's will not be the same for 180." [click]
  • You can still catch screenings of "The Harder They Come," the Jimmy Cliff flick at Tap Tap til Sunday. [click]
  • Middle East Best Food and Bakery rules. In pictures. [click]
  • The Iron Fork finalists are in. [click]
  • Behind The Line at The Oceanaire Seafood Room in Brickell. [click]
  • Lee make bloggers mad again. [click]

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