Weekly Purge: Edition #2

Another week in the books at Short Order, and we're (surprisingly... or not?) still having a blast doing this thing. Look for some big changes coming soon -- next week, we're going to hip you to a schedule of when you can expect to see reoccurring posts like Homebrew and everyone's favorite, Weirdy Edibles (or the artist formerly known as WTF is It?). We'll also be adding some new additions to our lineup of posts, including a new series we're calling 441 Diary where we'll give you the inside scoop on all the obscure little joints along South Florida's most ethnically diverse passageway. In short, if you like what you've seen so far, you're going to love what we got on the burner.

And now, the weekly wrapup:

We gave you two separate recipes in an ode to the Queen of All Brunch Drinks -- one's fairly complex but completely amazing, while the other is quick and painless.

Shep takes a trip around Palm Beach Island, taking a look at the lunch options therein.

We got an insider tip that one West Palm restaurant might be recycling it's free finger food.

Two new eateries are moving into Miami.

Fancy bistro burgers be damned; we're getting our beefy fix at the Brass Ring.

Have you been to this yard style Jamaican party out in the 'Glades yet? You should get there, right quick!

Eating out in Florida might be more of a gamble than you think. You've been warned.

That's all for us this week, folks. See you on the other side!

-- John Linn

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