Food photography is a hell of niche. Plenty of highly paid, professional, top-model type camerafolk can't shoot so much as a sandwich with 50 gigs and an hour. A lot of us in the food blogosphere are using consumer level point n shoots, and we're getting to be fuckin' awesome. Sure we've got issues with compression, color loss, bad lighting, poor focus, overediting, or just wanting to eat. Hey, we're learning as we go. Here are a few examples of recent tight work from the community.

Weekend Blogwatch - Miami Food Photography Phase II

Food For Thought Miami - NAOE omakase experience in pictures.
Chadzilla - Produce samples from the kitchen of Neomi's Grill at Trump's spot in Sunny Isles.
Clean Plate Charlie - My Market's Prosciutto Roma Sub.
Will Jog For Food - Ginza West Palm sushi quest in pictures.
The Faux Foodie - High protein feast, click image for high res.
Daily Cocaine - Ok I was wrong, there was real food to be found at the July artwalk. Roast pig.
Carlos Miller - El Mago De Las Fritas is the true king of the cuban hamburger. Fuckabobbyflay.
Kitchen Interviews - El Palacio De Los Jugos in pictures.
Eleanor Hoh - Be a breakfast wok star.
Cuban Home Cooking - Graciela's home made fritas, step by step.

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