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Weekend Blog Watch: Twitter, Drugs, and Miami Food

Here are some recent highlights from Twitter about "Miami food."


vinisimo: Miami Wine & Food Festival


poeticlovestone: @Tahj_Mowry i thought Fatburger was a made up fast food chain until i went to Miami last weekend. I could never eat there tho.


Afton_S: All the food in Miami looks the same! Looks like they have the same chef in every restaurant!


KTLTran: - Miami's Gastropod made best food @ Coachella


elavrov: Just went out to buy some food and beer: ran out of gas, my fuel tank cover door stuck and it's raining like crazy in Miami! All wet...


Kryssieislove: I heard abt this chinease place in Miami named "Ms. Ho's" - What's that abt? - heard their food was good tho. :/


emofly: I'm at Michael's Genuine Food & Drink (137th NE 40th Street, Miami).


GSTACKS321: RT @Tbae_GodsGift ughhh I wish I was in miami right now.... I sure can go for a plate from Esthers #Fatty <~~food 4 da #Soul ! Lol!!


Henshin_Vault: This Miami rain has got to stop. I wanna go get some food.


TWSalesJobs: Sales Representative - Performance Food Group - Miami, FL


DjOscarG: taking off to Miami...gonna try and work on remix in flight...(it beats airline food!)


Its_Brenda: @iSixty : really lol that sucks , miami is full of Mexican food


momione: GREATNEWS: YES PASTA! is open to the public!Try great pasta and all other good food proposals!14871 Biscayne Boulervard -North Miami Beach


djefeezy: there a soul food spot called Jacksons? Where is it at? I need some soul food in my life


NikkiBeachMiami: Join us today at Nikki Beach Miami for our Amazing Sunday Brunch!!!! Delicious food, great entertainment, and much more! See you here!


LeeMajorDaMac: I'm taking over Miami one venue at a time. Shots out to all my niggaz who came out and showed love.....or was it the free food &liq lol


Morgans_Miami: Jackie B. says "The service was great (which is rare in Miami) and the food was

fantastic." See full Yelp review...


childofthe90s: Had the best crabcake ever in Miami tonight. We've had a lot of great food and drinks on our honeymoon.


Tmtaylo4: @JeremyShockey I gotta go to Miami for business for 3 weeks in May, any suggestions on good places to go? Food or Entertainment?


SugarCunt: Grrr. My car has a flat so I can't take it to Miami. Stuck at home with no weed and trying to avoid food. Heaven help me.


ledax: @jaycedoeswork Yes.. we do not have "great" food.. but from what I read people say Miami does have good food, yet I have no idea where


jaycedoeswork: @ledax yeah miami is weak when it comes to a good amount of food but they have some dope food sometimes its just a hard call son


DiarraClemons: The Panasonic Tour is over! The best month of my life! Now eating the best Mexican food ever at El Aquio in Cocunut Grove, Miami! Yum!


cescaFORreal: i love miami :) dayum i wanna go to lil haiti And buy some haitian food.!


normanvanaken: Lucky's Asian Market in S. Miami proved lucky with a good haul of some of the food tools I love.


tetfemal: #Paused No this Haitain Lady aint serving cooked food out the trunk of her car in North Miami Beach LMBO #Unpaused

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