Weekend Blog Watch: Ted Turner, 850 Bottles, Tailgaiting, Beer, and Key West

Some people are saying this recession is over. Maybe it started when "they" gave us back some time (sorry Arizona), literally. Fall Back dropped early Sunday morning. We're pretty sure that has something to do with farming. Here are some freshly produced local blog posts.

  • Miami family eat at Ted's Montana Grill in Naples. [BurgerBeast]
  • "All 850 bottles of wine on their epic list are fifty per cent off on Mondays." [AllPurposeDark]
  • An old, but awesome gourmet Monday Night Football tailgating post. [BrickellLife]
  • Tim Andriola guest blog for Sun Sentinel online on cooking in Rome. [Sup]
  • Dog Fish Head Shelter cases make their way to South Florida. [SouthFloridaBeerBlog]
  • "Wonderful dinner at Red Light Grill- Kris Weisel puttin out some really grt food." [Lee_Schrager]
  • "Mandarin Oriental on Tuesday. Enjoy Coconut Lobster Tails with Pineapple Chutney and more." [DineMag]
  • "Menu changes done.. pictures tomorrow..." [ChefCritchley]
  • "Taking the day to test recipes for "Norman's 180". The sun is now down in Key West by 6:30 so the familiar anchor of cooking balances life." [NormanVanAken]

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