Weekend Blog Watch: Soccer Farm, Mr. Chow, Banana Flowers, Burgers, Oysters, and Canapes

  • A South Dade man wants to build a soccer stadium between two farms in the historically agricultural Redlands. [RedlandRambles]
  • Lee Klein is not the only guy who hates Mr. Chow. So does Anthony Bourdain. [AllPurposeDark]
  • Cooking banana flowers Sri Lankan style. [BeeHeaven]
  • Daily metro paper writes article about guy who eats hamburgers. [Herald]
  • Swensen's in South Miami: ice cream and American food. They've been doing it forever, and they're still doing it. [BurgerBeast]
  • Apples, oysters, truffles. The country's best seasonal offerings. [Chowfather]
  • Making fun of critics is fun. [FoodForThought]
  • Free oysters on deck at Area 31. [@Critchley]
  • Simply Italian kickoff party at Fratelli Lyon, $10 = a drink + canapes. [DineMag]

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