Weekend Blog Watch: Shrooms, The Cape, Bacon, Supper, and Peppers

Is it really 52 degrees out right now? That's damn near freezing. What's next, snowballs on South Beach, ice chains on the Turnpike, county workers salting down US1, sledding down Mount Trashmore, ice skating in Kendale Lakes? Cold weather's for the birds, and our streets are already starting to flood with them and their stupid shorts and smug expressions, let's get tourist money. Here are some recent posts from other local blogs.

  • Ever seen a Dade County grown pink mushroom? They'll be on your restaurant plates soon. [ParadiseFarms]
  • Here's your first look at the Cape Cod Room, Ken Lyon's new restaurant on the beach. [Mango&Lime]
  • Fritz and Franz Bierhaus, a beast's eye view. [BurgerBeast]
  • Florida blogger eats "chedder risotto with green apples, crispy bacon and cheez-its" in Chicago. [Chowfather]
  • A South Beach based roving reporter takes trip to Colorado for new Sustainable Suppers book. [SustainableSuppers]
  • Extra butternut squash and charred poblano peppers? Here's what you can do with them. [Foodalogue]

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