Weekend Blog Watch: Ratatouille, the Perfect Chip, Art Food, CSA, Veggie 4 Life, and C-Store Pizza

  • Homemade ratatouille with fresh, local produce. And yes, Ratatouille is an excellent movie. [FoodForThoughtMiami]
  • Has there finally been invented a chip that withstands the ardors of jarred-salsa dipping? According to one man, yes. [Chowfather]
  • A hilarious review of Dolores, But You Can Call Me Lolita, Dade County's most strangely named restaurant. [EatItMiami]
  • The chef as artist, food as art, and beef tartare as a cow's vehicle for getting respect in this cruel and crazy world. [Chadzilla]
  • The new Pinecrest Gardens Green Market in pictures. [MiamiDish]
  • Sunday brunch recap from Michael's Genuine, including Everglades frogs' legs. [GenuineKitchen]
  • How a community-supported agriculture pick-up works. Is it too honest for Dade? [RedlandRambles]
  • Local business and culture maven continues to support vegetarian lifestyle. [@meatlessinmiami]
  • An intelligent breakdown of the highly profitable convenience-store pizza market. [WorstPizza]

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