Weekend Blog Watch: Empty Space, CSA, Mexican Breakfast, Farm Life, and Pizza

  • Over 20 empty restaurant spaces in the Grove are available for lease, but who will take them? [Grapevine]
  • Frodnesor joins a CSA, picks up first batch of farm-fresh vegetables, and makes something. [FoodForThought]
  • "Just bake and then serve with warm tortillas and refried beans for a super simple dinner, breakfast or brunch." [OccasionalOmnivore]
  • If you're a stressed out city dweller who has ever wished for the simplicity of farm life read this to see if you can handle it. [BeeHeaven]
  • Your first look at Wild Olives by Todd English in Boca Raton. [DineMag]
  • New website about anything a person can drink. [TheFifthDrink]
  • What's up with Norman's 180? [@NormanVanAken]
  • Rock band AFI's bass player declares Ft. Lauderdale's Pizza Fusion "best vegan pizza on tour." [@PizzaFusion]

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