Weekend Blog Watch - Egg Creams, Burgers & Beer, Stuffed Breasts, The King, Chinese, Lunch Week, and Avocados

Creeping into 3rd quarter 2009 and things may be starting to look up for the economy, maybe even in Florida, possibly even Dade. Could be the thought of Summer's heat subsiding, but the the streets are talking, and there's optimism in the air. Recent South Florida food blog posts reflect it. Check these out.

  • It's got no eggs in it, so why do they call it an egg cream? Who cares, order one and see what the big deal's all about. [Grapevine]
  • Despite several points of contention, South Beach's Burger & Beer Joint survives one critic's gauntlet. [EatitMiami]
  • South Florida's own self employed, professional food blogette talks August favorites. [Foodalogue]
  • Stuffed breasts, in pictures, with do it yourself guide. [ShotChef]
  • The Burgies are coming, the King is watching, the Beast is waiting. [BurgerBeast]
  • A family's eye view on Hakkasan. Order lemonade. [FoodForThought]
  • It's Lunch Week at MiamiDish. What's that mean? Send a picture and you could win a, you guessed it, free lunch![MiamiDish]
  • A tropical locavore's humorous rancor with Florida Avocados. [EatingLocal]

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