Weekend Blog Watch: Downtown, Fat Kids, Hospitality, Bimini, Cupcakes, The King, and Beer

Greetings from Short Order headquarters. South Florida, we're watching you. Hope you're watching us too. Here are some recent posts from around the way. Let us know of any food blogs we might be missing out on by leaving a comment.

  • All Purpose Dark's first look at the Urbanite Bistro, next door to Overtown. [click]
  • Fat Kids Club reviews Authentic Brooklyn Pizza in Boca Raton. [click]
  • Plum and the Miami Beach Insider uncover what may well be the best dining deal in Miami, and it gives school lunch a whole new meaning. [click]
  • The 20 year anniversary of the Bimini Boatyard in Ft. Lauderdale is coming up. [click]
  • So Dinemag and crew go TasteCasting there, but we can only find one post about it. [click]
  • New online treats from Cupcakes Nouveau. [click]
  • A burger mom raises a Burger Beast. Check the archives. [click]
  • Treasure Coast Beer Fest on deck. Raise your pints. [click]

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