Weekend Blog Watch - Chicago's Steakhouse, Dim Sum, Gourmet Pizza, Moonchine, Area 31, and Norman Van Aken

Where are you going, where have you been? It's not just a Joyce Carol Oates story, it's a question that blogs answer for a worldwide audience. Here are 7 recent ones from South Florida.

  • Chicago's Steakhouse and Tavern forming a social club for Notre Dame and Bears fans. [Grapevine]
  • Vacation blog, San Francisco, Dim Sum, Yank Sing & Great Eastern. [FoodForThought]
  • Vito's Gourmet Pizza in Ft Lauderdale, Sicilian slice review. [WorstPizza]
  • Learn to make a crispy chickpea and tuna salad. [TinkeringWithDinner]
  • Blogger contacted by restaurant marketing department for review of Moonchine Asian Bistro on Biscayne. [Foodtastic]
  • Exploring ingredient sources for menu items at Area 31. [MiamiDish]
  • A real top chef microblogs his life in words and pictures. [@NormanVanAken]

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