Weekend Blog Watch: Burgers, Fish, Michael's Genuine, Thanksgiving, and Donuts

  • A hilarious blow-by-blow account of a South Dade burger crawl. [BurgerBeast]
  • Islamorada area restaurant and plate recommendations. [Chowfather]
  • "10 oz. burger, salsa, guacamole, grilled onion, cilantro sour cream, cheddar, fried egg. Lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle." A Burger and Beer Joint review. [FoodForThought]
  • Michael's Genuine Food & Drink launches their own blog, shows you what they're up to. [GenuineKitchen]
  • A Thanksgiving step-by-step replay, how to, what to, and whether to share. [TinkeringWithDinner]
  • "Lattes for $1.99 at Dunkin' Donuts" [MiamiCheap]
  • A Thanksgiving for two recap - turkey breast, butternut squash, greenbeans, pudding. [Mango&Lime]

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