Weekend Blog Watch - Beer, Duck, Seedlings, Shots, Pigs, Chavez, and Ag

October: season of growth and change. Sure, we don't have a typical American autumn, but here it's always fall as long as the coconuts do. Let the recent heatwave suffuse your being with the chaotic energy of the city, and let our food reflect it. We're a run and gun urban subtropical paradise. Let's eat. Here are some recent posts from food blogs round the way.

  • Your food and drink guide to local Oktoberfests. [SouthFloridaBeerBlog]
  • New chef driven brunch options like "wood oven roasted duck egg in spicy tomato sauce with chickpeas and queso fresco."[FoodForThoughtMiami]
  • Volunteer farmers repurpose wooden pallets into seedling benches in the Redland. [BeeHeavenBlog]
  • Updated images from NYC Wine & Food Fest and Miami's own Lee Schrager. [NYCwine&food]
  • How to make your own chicharrones at home. [TinkeringWithDinner]
  • Local chef experiences Venezuelan hospitality. [Chadzilla]
  • County funded Miami-Dade Ag concern thanks supporters for pressuring commissioners to renew funding. [RedlandRambles]

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