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Watch Latin Burger on Eat St. Tonight: I Will Appear!

Latin Burger and Taco's hot-pink and black truck is a permanent fixture on the streets of Miami. Just about any day of the week, you can find a flock of people enjoying the Latin macho burgers and tacos for which the truck is famous.

So it comes as no surprise that when Eat St. visited Miami to film trucks for season two, producers decided to profile Latin Burger and Jim Heins for the episode, titled "Gator Time." 

Eat St. recruits local food writers and bloggers to provide colorful commentary for each truck, and Short Order was tapped for this episode. What's it like to film an episode of Eat St.? It basically means taking large bites of burger on camera many, many times -- while being asked about the taste, quality, and general deliciousness while still masticating. And it's 98 degrees out. In other words, it was a blast (no, really it was).

In case you're ever tapped to film a Cooking Channel show, here are two valuable tips:

1. No matter how much footage the crew films, your time on air will be whittled down to the five seconds in which a piece of hamburger falls down your shirt. Or you have a big green piece of something stuck to your tooth. Or you have meat juice all over your face.

2. It will take at least an hour to film those five seconds. Just go with it, because when it airs, all of your 600 fake friends on Facebook will be totally jealous. And that's what life is all about.

Joining Latin Burger will be Swamp Shack in Portland, the Shrimp Pimp in Santa Monica, Strada Cucina in South Carolina, and me!

Watch Latin Burger on Eat St. tonight at 8 o'clock on the Cooking Channel (and look for a cameo appearance from this Short Order blogger). The episode replays at midnight.

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Laine Doss is the food and spirits editor for Miami New Times. She has been featured on Cooking Channel's Eat Street and Food Network's Great Food Truck Race. She won an Alternative Weekly award for her feature about what it's like to wait tables.
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