Waitress War Story - Man Takes Head Dive Into Empty Hotel Pool

Short Order's been bothering every restaurant worker we meet for stories from their time working in the restaurant industry. Pen and pad in hand we approach them in kitchens, at bars, in hallways and at hostess stands. Sometimes the stories come to us.

That's how we met twenty eight year old Carol Mel (made up name). The South Miami High class of 99' grad was hustling an order out when she stopped to ask what we were doing in the kitchen. "You got any good stories?" She stopped for a minute to think and then told a great one about a bloody pool incident at a high profile hotel on South Beach. She worked there as a server for three years before moving to her new job, where she's been for five years (another high profile South Beach hotel). Carol is also a college student.

The incident she goes into occurred about six years ago. We couldn't confirm the story so we won't tell you where she said it happened, but we will tell you what she said. Here goes...

"This guy was wasted in a lawnchair out by the pool, he was drinking, and he pretty much stood up, got buck naked and jumped in. This was in middle of the day, broad daylight. What he didn't realize is that the pool was empty, they had drained it so that they could clean it. He dove headfirst. I didn't look into the pool while he was in there, I was scared, but fire rescue came and got him and when he was gone there was still blood everywhere. I never did find out what happened to him."

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.