W South Beach: New fenom Punch with Absinthe

The W South Beach's Living Room bar has a new bottle on the menu. It's called fenom, and it's a modern day absinthe bottled and distilled in France. The traditional form of the liquor is green, wormwood, highly alcoholic, and reputed to have hallucinogenic properties. Fenom is clear, has a lower alcohol content, and a smoother flavor profile. No word yet on whether it'll have you seeing melting walls. Living Room's head mixologist Elad Zvi of Bar Lab has crafted the first in a brand new series of drinks incorporating the product and it's called the fenom Punch.

Here's how it's made.

First, add two ice spheres to your glass. Then, shake and double strain 2 oz fenom, 1 oz honey infused thyme, 1 oz of lemon juice, and 6 fresh organic raspberries over the ice.

Then, get wasted.

Living Room
W South Beach
2201 Collins Ave, Miami Beach

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