Keep boobs alive.
Keep boobs alive.

Volunteer for Fourth Annual Shades of Pink: Food, Wine, Fashion, Entertainment

Breasts deserve to live, bounce, jiggle, and shake happily through cancer-free lives.

Fight the disease by funding the search for a cure on October 20th at the Newport Beachside Resort (16701 Collins Ave., Sunny Isles Beach) where Eleanor Hoh will run a Wok Star cooking demo followed by a food sampling, and Sunbox Eleven Winery will host a wine tasting.

There will also be a main event fashion show featuring complimentary food and drink.

Tickets run from $25 - $150, but get this, if you support the cause, but can't afford to contribute money, or if you just want to go, but don't want to pay, then you should volunteer to work the event.

Click here to log onto Volunteer Match, or contact the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation directly at or at 954-454-4156.

Tickets for the event are available at


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