Vizcaya's Evening Under The Stars Leaves Us Hungry

Last night, local foodies flocked to Vizcaya for their 13th annual Evening Under The Stars soiree. This gourmet fundraiser promised plenty of tasty snacks from Miami's top restaurants. While the event was indeed beautiful, and the Bacardi bar well stocked, there was a notable lack of food by 9 p.m., which was only 90 minutes after the fete started.

All in all, the culinary aspect of the evening seemed disorganized. Booths for Area 31 and Red were depleted and completely broken down by 9 p.m. At the El Scorpion stand, the guacamole was delicious, however, the chips strewn across the tablecloth struck Short Order as messy and unhygienic.

Still serving chow mid-way into the party were Wish (gazpacho soup), Gibraltar (duck confit crepe with Thai herb salad and sour ginger glaze) and Sawa (falafel sliders with truffle tahini sauce). The biggest line of the night, however, was at the CrepeMaker booth, where French-style crepes were being prepared from scratch.

Most of the dressed-up socialite crowd seemed too busy mingling to notice the dearth of edibles. But for $65 a ticket ($85 for non-members) Short Order thinks the fact that the food ran out so early is inexcusable. Hopefully, they'll have more grub next year.

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