Vizcaya Evening Under the Stars in Pictures

Saturday night, Vizcaya's annual fundraiser Evening Under the Stars turned into a monsoon under the stars. Rain splattered the plastic tarp that enclosed serving stations and bars. Water flooded the stone terrace as DJ Crunchtime and GBump (Karim of Ketchy Shuby) started their set. Shoes were kicked off, plates of food were scampered away to the center of the tent, and dancing was had to the occasional sound of thunder. But,perhaps thanks to all the top-shelf liquor guzzling, few seemed to mind. A middle-age socialite grabbed GBump's hipster lenses and set off in a dance frenzy. Bidding wars over Justin Bieber paraphernalia and signed guitars raged silently.

And plate after plate of paella, pasta, and prime rib made the rounds. Last year, area restaurants provided samples, which left some attendees hungry. It seems event organizers took notice -- this time around, Thierry's Catering handled the grub, which was plentiful if not that diverse. The best executed dish was a simple vegetable penne with artichokes, arugula, and mushrooms that was light and fresh. And a creamy seafood pasta of mussels, fish, calamari, and peas in béchamel sauce proved heavy but delicious. See some photo highlights after the cut.

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