Viva La Raza: Places to Celebrate Mexican Independence Day This Sunday

Time to bust out the cervezas and margaritas!

In honor of El Grito this Sunday (that's Mexican Independence Day, for those of you who didn't know), we gathered three places where you can slap on a pair of huaraches, throw on a poncho, and finally wear that sombrero you got on that cruise a few years ago.

You don't have to be Mexican to celebrate Mexican Independence. In fact, it's probably more flattering if you aren't, because it means you're celebrating the independence of a people besides your own. After all, if my home country didn't gain its independence, you probably wouldn't have tacos, or guacamole, or enchiladas, or burritos, or (dun dun dun...) tequila.

The horror!

Rosa Mexicano: Cocktails at Rosa Mexicano will include El Grito (the shout, $11). This bold and refreshing cocktail features Herradura silver tequila, jalapeño, muddled cilantro, fresh cucumber and lime. But what's a cocktail (or four) without Pozole? Pozole de Camarone ($8) has chile arbol, shredded cabbage, hominy and lime crema. Here you can also pay tribute to the colors of the Mexican flag with chiles en nogada ($17). It's a customary dish of deep green, Poblano peppers filled with picadillo, a mixture of shredded meat, aromatics, fruits and spices topped with a walnut-based cream sauce and pomegranate seeds.

Mercadito: The fiesta at Mercadito runs Friday through Sunday, so rest assured that your liver will need some rest come Monday. Oh well! Upward and onward. Food specials for the lively weekend include Huarache Mexicano, chile guajillo with masa, black bean hash, cabbage, crema fresca, cotija cheese with a choice of steak, chicken or pork al pastor ($14), and Chile En Nogada, a poblano pepper stuffed with ground pork, green apple, plantains, raisins and covered in a creamy walnut-cinnamon sauce topped with pomegranate seeds ($20). Cocktails will include La Patria, a mix of tequila, muddled orange, jalapeño and xocomole ($11). Mexican mariachis and a DJ will bring the fiesta to life after 11 p.m.

Talavera: Sip on a coconut margarita at Talavera this weekend. It's said it a cross between a piña colada and a margarita. So, in other words, it's bound to be a party in your mouth. If coconut's not your thing, the prickly pear margarita should do the trick (margaritas will be $9 and up). Fun fact: did you know prickly pears are called tuna in Spanish? Go figure! Munch on chile en nogale ($22) and huarachitos ($10 for 4), which are miniature versions of sopes.

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