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Victor Diaz is No Austin Powers

Victor Diaz's Modjo, doesn't guarantee you'll get the girl -- but he does hope it will help you live longer and look younger. So technically at least, you are upping your chances.

Along with his wife Patricia, the Chicago native is taking on the beverage industry giants with a new line of thirst quenchers.

Diaz claims he spent three years working with Harvard Medical school and the Mayo Clinic on his line of health and wellness products. It all started with an anti-hangover nutritional supplement tablet called Modjo Synergy. Two magic capsules, he contends, will kill a hangover.

He says Modjo Life, a beverage, is filled with amino acids, vitamins, and electrolytes. It's also fortified with resveratrol. This strange sounding antioxidant is grape skin extract that makes "red wine good for you," some advocates say.In fact, resveratrol "has extended the life of every species it's been give to" claims a leading professor of pathology at Harvard Medical School. So how exactly does it work? According to the folks at Modjo and several online sources, it fights harmful cells in your body and mimics the effects of a calorie restricted diet.

Diaz says he developed the line because he wanted a more natural stimulant. With all the bad stuff we are putting in our bodies "it's important to do something good for it every once in a while," he says.

Of course, there are skeptics out there. Studies funded by Pfizer and Amgen cast doubt on how resveratrol works, claiming all testing so far has been done on animals. And furthermore, they have shown that when consumed as an additive in another product or "carrier", it loses the effects completely.

Diaz responds: "Resveratrol extracts, even if standardized, remain as crude ingredients and the quality and composition can vary. Because of the variation and inconsistency in composition, studies of cured extracts are difficult to interpret.

The results? Only time will tell.

At the end of the day the three flavors; Simply Citrus, Grape Pomegranate and Island punch ($2.99 at Circle K/7-Eleven) offer a refreshing way to quench some thirst without guilt. And as an added bonus - maybe we'll have less wrinkles next year.

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Christina Staalstrom