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Veza Sur Hosts My Super Abuela Contest, Winner Gets a Private Tasting for the Whole Family

Enter the My Super Abuela Contest hosted by Veza Sur Brewing Co. for a chance to have your abuela featured on her very own crowler.
Enter the My Super Abuela Contest hosted by Veza Sur Brewing Co. for a chance to have your abuela featured on her very own crowler. Photo courtesy of Veza Sur Brewing Co.
Pandemic life has got us all feeling a little lonely, especially when you consider that 2020 saw more than half of Americans canceling their summer travel plans and putting off major events like reunions, weddings, and family vacations.

Still more are expected to stay home for the holidays. It's enough to make anyone miss their crazy uncles, doting in-laws, and especially Abuela.

To remedy that, Veza Sur Brewing is hoping to reunite families in a new way. Imagine celebrating with your entire family via your own private beer pairing dinner or having your abuela's recipes bound together in a special book. Best of all, imagine cracking open a crowler of beer with your abuela's face printed on the label.

It's not some bizarre holiday fantasy. It's an actual thing that could happen.

According to Marshall Hendrickson, cofounder of Veza Sur Brewing Co., the last few months have gotten all of us craving some extra time with la familia. In an effort to reunite families and celebrate the eldest generation affected by the pandemic, he decided to organize and launch the brewery's first My Super Abuela Contest.

"Our My Super Abuela Contest is all about reuniting a lucky winner, safely, with their familia to help overcome this new normal of 2020,” Hendrickson tells New Times. "We've seen that abuelas are the center of most Hispanic families, and we knew we had to celebrate that. Plus, how cool would it be to see your abuela's face on a beer crowler you get to share with your family?"

Friday, November 20, through Friday, December 4, craft beer lovers across South Florida are encouraged to participate.

Anyone over the age of 21 can nominate their abuela to be crowned Veza Sur's official grandparent. In case you're wondering, you can enter your abuelo too.

The winner will receive a personalized experience to safely reunite la familia, curated by the brewery. Best of all, the winner will be presented with a special crowler of Veza Sur beer with their abuela's face on it! After entries have been reviewed, a winner will be announced on Monday, December 7.

To enter, take a photo or video of your abuela (or abuelo) on Instagram and tell us why they are the best (in at least 50 words). From there, be sure to tag @vezasurbrewingco and include the hashtag #vezasurabuelacontest.

Nothing is off-limits, and winners will be judged on creativity. All accounts that enter must be set as "public" in order for Veza Sur to see. For official contest rules, visit

Veza Sur. 55 NW 25th St., Miami; 786-362-6300;
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