Vegan Drinks Night This Friday at Choices Cafe UES

Despite popular misconception, not all vegans are teetotalers. The meatless masses like to cut loose and get a little social lubrication just like everyone else -- we just don't like fish bladders in our beer. Hence the inspiration behind Vegan Drinks, a nationwide meetup group for like-minded herbivores.

The second South Florida installment of the monthly affair takes place this Friday at Choices Café UES. Show up at 7 p.m., take advantage of the spot's new beer and wine license, and get the digits of an ethical eater or two.

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"We're superexcited because we finally got our beer and wine license. We'll have organic and vegan beer and wine and biodynamic wine," says Lori Zito, senior director of operations and project management.

The event was organized by Zito and Janay Laing, founder of the meetup group Very Vegan Miami. In addition to food and drink, there'll be a gift card raffle and vegan bingo.

They hope the event switches up some people's perceptions of vegans as perhaps a bit, well, boring? Straitlaced? Stodgy? Being vegan doesn't mean you can't go out and have some drinks and a damn good time.

"It's also helping people understand there are vegan wines and vegan beers. As a vegan, when you're paying attention, [you notice] a lot of stuff you're drinking is processed with animal products," Zito adds.

She recommends Barnivore for finding vegan booze options.

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