Vegan Coconut Milk Froyo Now Available at TCBY

For too long, froyo has been the domain of dairy lovers. There's been little love for milk alternatives, at least beyond your grocer's freezer.

But megachain TCBY took the plunge into nondairy by introducing an almond milk frozen yogurt last year. And now TCBY offers a coconut milk incarnation, ideal for vegans, folks with nut allergies, and the gluten-averse. You can snag some at your friendly Coral Gables TCBY.

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The shop (near the University of Miami at 1230 S. Dixie Hwy.) offers chocolate-almond, vanilla-almond, and now coconut-coconut (coconut flavored, made with coconut milk). The products are part of a partnership between TCBY and Silk, the maker of a host of nondairy milks. See below for nutrition information.

We gave the new addition a go. It was smooth and sweet, with a subtle coconut kick. It's lighter than your average froyo but satisfying nonetheless. At the Coral Gables store, the new option shares a machine with chocolate-almond, so you can snag some swirl action. Coconut chocolate win! Pair it with some fruit or mochi -- it's serve yourself and costs 56 cents an ounce.

Who says vegans have to forgo all the good stuff?

P.S. Other TCBY locations might or might not carry it, so call first.

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