Van Dyke Cafe Holds Karajoky With Food, Drink Specials

If anyone ever told you that you're funny (or even if people pay you to not tell a joke), head on over to the Van Dyke Cafe tomorrow,, October 6th and every Thursday from 5 - 7 p.m. for Karajoky.

What the heck is Karajoky, you say?  Good question. It's a fun jokefest where M.C. Freddy Stebbins will encourage everyone to share jokes and entertain each other. Anyone can tell and submit jokes (though they have to be pre-approved to be included in the Van Dyke Book of Jokes).

Karajoky happens on the Van Dyke Cafe's outside patio (so passersby can see you and, hopefully, laugh at your jokes). 

If you're going to tell jokes, you're going to need a little liquid courage. Don't worry, Van Dyke's got you covered with half-priced sangria, mojitos, house red and white wine, and select draft beers.

If you're hungry, choose from half-priced calamari, ceviche, baby back ribs, spinach and artichoke dip, and chicken wings to munch on between entertaining the masses with your extreme humor.

Now practice your jokes -- because you never know who might be in the crowd.... we hear this is exactly how Chris Rock got his start.

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