USA Soccer Fever at David's Cafe

If you've been in Miami Beach for more than a day, you know that David's Cafeehas great coffee. But you might not know that Adrian Gonzalez, second generation owner of David's, has added big flat screen TV's to both locations making them a top World Cup viewing outpost for tourists and locals. Everyone is welcome here and they have the flags to prove it.

Together the two locations boast 135 employees from all parts of the world, so the flags are a necessity for workplace peace. Each worker's country is represented, and then some. " It's unbelievable how passionate they become about this," he comments, adding that an employee refused to come to work unless his country's flag was up.

And up in one location is not enough....it has to be in both. Norwegian born, I am pleased to see that my flag is up too.

Adrian is a USA supporter through and through and will be watching the USA-Algeria game this morning at 9:30 a.m. while enjoying a palomilla slider and a cold Corona. The UK-Slovenia game, at the same time, will be showing on the screens at the other end of the bar. Being engaged to a lovely lass from England, he's got to keep up with the future in-laws.

David's Cafe has two locations on South Beach
1058 Collins Avenue and 1654 Meridian Ave.

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