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Urbanite Bistro's December Beer Dinner With Fresh Beer Inc.

Fresh Beer Inc. is the South Florida grassroots marketing, sales, and distribution company that is helping craft beer stake its rightful claim on our bar and restaurant menus and store shelves. More on them soon.

For now, learn more the easy way: Eat and drink your way to a better understanding at the Urbanite Bistro's (62 NE 14th St., Miami) December Beer Dinner, the eatery's second. Hosts chef Frank Imbarlina and Chris Montelius introduce you to six courses of eclectic bistro fare paired with signature craft beers for $40 plus tax and tip.

The beer dinner happens Saturday, December 19, at 8:30 p.m. Seats are limited and must be reserved by Thursday, December 17. Live bands play a mix of funk, blues, and rock after dinner in what we vouch for as an inviting atmosphere in a hot part of town on a party night.

Call 305-374-0622 to RSVP. After the jump, the menu.

  • Course I - Holy Mackerel with Wild Mushroom and White Truffle Risotto
  • Course II - Santa's Private Reserve, Rogue Brewery with Duck Confit on Brioche Crostini and Balsamic-Strawberry Gastrique
  • Course III - Penn Pilsner, Penn Brewing Company with Red Deer and Pork Sausage served with White Bean Cassoulet
  • Course IV - Horn Dog Barley-Wine with Magret Duck served with Wilted Baby Spinach and Duck Lardon
  • Course V - Stone Brewery Smoked Porter with Individual Beef Wellington and a Grenache-Shallot Reduction
  • Dessert - Virgin Islands Mango Pale Ale with Asian Pear Cobbler

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