Updated: Bloggers Amp Up Burger Specials at Blue Collar

May is National Burger Month, and as part of a rich and meaty tradition, Blue Collar is celebrating with blogger-created burger specials. In the past, creations have included the Fat Girl Hedonist burger -- made with chorizo, fried shallots, smoked Gouda, and chipotle mayo -- and the Food-E burger, with Canadian bacon, egg, maple mustard, and a side of cheese grits.

Among this year's bloggers are the Chowfather, Burger Beast, Gourmandji, and Miami Power Rankings, all of whom deliver unique versions on an American classic.

Update: The newest burger offering will be unveiled tonight: From Mandy Baca, the burger is topped with garlic aioli, vinegar-based slaw, matchstick tostones, and bacon.

Chef/owner Daniel Serfer chatted with New Times to explain what all the beef is about.

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New Times: Why feature blogger-created burgers?

Daniel Serfer: We've been doing it for many years, and I have a good relationship with all [the bloggers]. It's great for them because they get to flex their culinary muscles. And it's good for [Blue Collar] because we're in the habit of doing the same thing over and over. It's nice to get some fresh ideas; it makes us be more creative.

How did you choose the bloggers?

The ones we have featured are ones I have a good rapport with. I either speak to them through Twitter, email, or text message.

What is the first burger you featured?

The first burger we featured was from the Chowfather. His burger was topped with brisket and smoked Gouda and served with debris jus for dipping and a side of latke tater tots.

Which burger are you now featuring?

We've moved on to the Burger Beast. It has our beef patty, Oaxaca cheese, piquillo pepper mayo, and jalapeño onion marmalade on toasted rye bread. So far it's doing very well and we've sold quite a bit of them.

How long will you feature each burger?

That depends upon their popularity, but typically there will be a four- or five-day run for the burgers. In total we'll feature between six and eight burgers this month.

What makes a good burger?

I think the ones with the fewest ingredients taste the best. I usually just put ketchup, mustard, pickles, and mayo on mine. In our restaurant, our patties are made with dry-aged beef, so we try not to mess with the taste too much.

Can you give any hints about what to expect from the upcoming blogger burgers?

Those burgers are still being worked on, and I'm not ready to announce their components. I can say with 100 percent confidence, though, that the Miami Rankings burger will be a huge shock -- very different from any burger ever.

Blue Collar's blogger burgers cost $16 to $20 and are served during lunch and dinner, but not during brunch. New Times will announce the new burgers when they debut. We wouldn't want anyone to miss out on a fantastic burger.

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